Resend Philosophy page

I've recently come across the Philosophy page.

Some of these ideas fit with my vision of what a product should be so I'm going to share the most interesting bits here.

Friction must be zero

While this is oriented to the onboarding experience, friction should tend to zero always. The very reason to make a product should be to remove friction in a process.

Most companies treat documentation as an afterthought, something you do later.

Very true. Documentation as a second class citizen is something which happens in lots of projects.

A good documentation is not only long lists of documents explaining each and every detail of a product. It should be navigable, to the point, and what you search should be easy to find.

We need to always be decreasing response times, and improving performance. We should be constantly asking ourselves, "How can we make this faster?"

When in doubt, do what's faster for the user

I feel like Be fast and remove friction go hand in hand with each other. Being slow is effectively adding friction.