Txema Le贸n

Hi! I'm Txema!

I'm a Full Stack Typescript Developer based in Madrid.

Why Typescript? Because It allows me to make React Websites, React Native Apps, and Node.js APIs with one language. I love it.

I've been making websites since 2009, when I started a travel blog I wanted to tune to make it something special.

I started developing wordpress themes and plugins, and my focus at the time is on semantic HTML structures, good SEO and optimizations.

In 2015 I begin to reach the limits where Wordpress makes sense and start to experiment with Symfony and Laravel. I also learn and try React.

In 2016 I start to work with Node.js and some of it's template engines. I still develop websites but also tools for automating tasks, parsing data, and manage configurations.

In late 2018 I start working with Holafly using React and Node.js to develop a GraphQL API and some tools to automate post sale requeriments for their products.

This involves creating the API, Dashboards, and some microsites. I used Create React App and Next.js. All the infraestructure is managed by Vercel. You can know more about the tools I use in my Stack.

I'm a big fan of the passion economy and building in public. I find amazing that individuals are able to make a living with what they do, relying only in themselves.

If you want to get in contact with me, you can follow me on Twitter where I talk about cyberpunk futuristic realities, tech products, calm companies and solo corporations.

If you want to know more about my job experience checkout my linkedin profile.

You also can find me on GitHub where I鈥檓 building in the open.