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My favorite tools and software.

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Whenever some project gets too big to fit in a reminders app, it works in linear. I link it to GitHub so issues don't get out of control.

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I love automation, and make (formerly integromat) is a great platform to hook little tools here and there. Whenever I need to integrate several tools in under an hour, I use make

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The best way to build modern React websites.

Open Source
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Notion helps me organise ideas, content, and knowledge. I also use it to publish, and more recently, to build projects

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When I want to take notes, Obsidian makes it easy to capture, order and relate them to each other.

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Paddle helps me to setup automatic subscription channels, and most importantly, handle payments from anywhere in the world. This way, I can focus on building instead of taxes.

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The Money Platform for SaaS, Creators, and All things Online

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Tailwind CSS

A compositional CSS framework that makes styling websites easy. It’s like writing CSS on steroids.

IndieOpen Source
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Things is my second brain. It’s the gold standard of software design: fast, fun, easy to use, beautiful, with a complete cross-device story.

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The best way to grow presence on twitter. Every time I have to write a twitter thread, I do it with Typefully

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Everything I make on the internet lives on Vercel. Vercel is the gold standard of developer tools.

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Visual Studio Code

The Code Editor

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The Automation Tool everyone loves. Zapier integrates and automates almost any other tool you would need to setup your business at reasonable pricing.