My favorite tools and software.

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More than a browser, a tool to use the web better. From boosts to redefine how a site works to a new chrome to separate different contexts of your browsing, Arc makes working on the web easier.

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Astro is the tool to make static sites. It's easy to learn and to make sites work without hassle. It also integrates with so many other frameworks

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Whenever I research a topic, I use editBy to fill the blank page.

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This is my answer to Twitter FOMO: I set up a daily digest with the top links and best tweets from all the people I follow. Simple. Easiest $100/yr subscription to justify.

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My go-to RSS reader for macOS and iOS.

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The best way to build modern React websites.

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I handle Notion as a CMS for content, I like it's simplicity and versatility

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Obsidian is where I handle my note taking and where most of my ideas are born

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The mother of all things productive. Raycast is the way I move my tools around and interact with them. Not just a launcher.

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Tailwind CSS

A compositional CSS framework that makes styling websites easy. It’s like writing CSS on steroids.

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If it's not on Things, probably I won't make it. It's how I run my life

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Vercel is the place where I deploy my projects. A nice Dev experience and an amazing features

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Visual Studio Code

The Code Editor