Hey, I'm Txema.

I'm a Full Stack Developer, and ocassional Indie Maker who loves to work with Typescript.

I make frontends with React and Next.js, backends with GraphQL and AirTable and many other tools.

I write as I find something interesting to share and try to build in public.

I'm currently desigining Software for Secuoyas.

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Recent Writing

Focus on Output

I've been an introvert most of my life. I like to stay at home and make stuff to fill my curiosity. This made me a nice researc...

8 August 2021

Managing Noise

I find increasingly difficult to disconnect from social media and focus on tasks I need to do on my computer. A list of source o...

26 April 2021

Hello (Again)

Every couple years I try to start writing a blog and most times I fail miserably. Some times it's because I want to share somethi...

9 April 2021

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