One year of indie hacking, I've learned a lot!

Damon Chen, founder of Testimonial, on this blog post on the Testimonial blog:

I want to do things I'm crazily passionate about; building my own sustainable business is one of them, and I've been dreaming of it for years!

I built five apps in 2020. I wrote a thread about

I shipped all these apps in 2020. Most of them generated $0. 0[]( []( 0 0[]( []( 1.99 $3,025 in 10 days.

Damon seemed like an overnight success for me. He appeared "out of nothing" and instantly he was a hit in the indie hacker community.

His Product, Testimonial, is a video testimonial service you can embed in your page.

This post is from 2020 but it shows that no success is overnight and that you need to keep trying ideas until you hit one that works.