Hello (Again)

Every couple years I try to start writing a blog and most times I fail miserably.

Some times it's because I want to share something in particular, some times it's about trying new things and having a playfield to try new ideas.

Anyway, here comes a new beginning, this time just with the purpose of reflecting some ideas about development, team work, and how to enjoy life as a developer.

Why even blogging at all

Yeah it's 2021 and the new thing is having a newsletter or a YouTube channel.

Some people say writing daily is a good habit to develop. It helps focus and retention of ideas, and reflecting daily provides a way to see in perspective how much you're going forward.

I want to try that.

My plan is to write at least 52 posts this year, a minimum of once per week, with ideas I've found interesting or shower thoughts I need to put in order.

Taking Notes has been an obsession for me for the last year. I read a lot but I retain so little, I need to write down the core ideas I find the most interesting.

Taking notes, and grouping ideas, are a great way to form something to share.

Not everything is ideas and reflection

The last year has been difficult for everyone, specially to find jobs. It also has been for me since the project I was working for had a massive downfall in sales.

As I was a freelancer, I suddenly had no income, and had a hard time finding new projects where I fit in.

Part of that difficulty was because I have no outlet and no projects to share with recruiters or founders. A blog is a good showcase about what I know, what are my ideas, and who am I in general.

I think job providers can find this useful, and I'm all about making people with interesting projects easy to know if I'm a good fit for their company.

A new beginning

A new design, typescript, next.js, tailwindcss…

I'll talk about the stack in another post since this Is not supposed to be a technical one, but what I had in Gatsby was a design crime and I wanted something simpler, more iterative, and good looking.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say. Follow me on Twitter.