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Focus on Output

8 August 2021

I've been an introvert most of my life. I like to stay at home and make stuff to fill my curiosity.

This made me a nice researcher. I research and test whatever I find interesting, mostly computers stuff.

But I've found out that researching, testing, and not putting the results out there, makes most of the stuff I find out useless. It's not only not useful to anybody, but most times it's also useless to me. Is rarely used again.

Following my curiosity fuels my creativity, but I put too much effort in curiosity which never pays out.

So I decided I'll start focusing on output.

Focusing on output is how I filter what's valuable, what is more valuable, and to maintain the discipline to reach it.

If something can't make an output, anything which makes a difference to someone or that you can publish (so other people can find it useful or make a difference with it), probably is not worth the time to work on it.

Making a difference is not always making something new, but to make something better that what's already out there.

Focusing on output means to not abandon an idea once you found out is worth it.

It means discipline to stay on track until you can reach that output, and ignore everything else while you're working on it. Focus.

Focusing on output also means publish. If you don't publish, tweet, or share, and don't visit your conclusions after a while, is as if you made nothing. Is a waste of time.

And Time is limited.

Focus on Output. Build. Publish. Share.